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AKA is a blog for us and for you. Two young professionals living in the Bay Area trying to figure life out post-college. We want AKA to be a place for our thoughts, inspirations, and daily findings of life.

We met in the most awkward years: middle school, but through the braces and bad fashion we became the best of friends. Now that we have graduated college and are back in the Bay Area we decided to work on a blog together. We had been thinking about individual blogs for awhile, when we decided that two heads were better than one. AKA was born, it stands for Ashley, Kira, And… The And being anything and everything we wish to cover on our blog. We want to be focused yet boundless with what we can create and discover.

We are both so different.  We’ve always known this and always loved this about our friendship. Between the two of us we have a zillion ideas and our conversations cover a range of topics at all times. We can have a serious conversation about books and travel just as easily as a serious conversation about that celebrities new hair cut and what they should name their baby.  We have all this energy and creativity and wish to share it with you.


Ashley’s pink birthday, same eyes, and fun with props!


A lover of all things girly, glittery, and pink. I love a good story and think that a well stocked cocktail bar is a must have. About a year ago I decided that every girl needs a catch phrase (think Paris Hilton “that’s hot” via 2001) so I decided that “j’adore” would be mine. I caught the travel bug very early in life and hope to explore the world one country at a time. I think peacocks are amazing, I’m obsessed with Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio, and NSYNC, and my dream job is to plan weddings and Pinterest for a living. I think the world needs more gelato shops and Audrey Hepburn is a huge inspiration in life. Welcome to my little world!


Ashley is a tough act to follow…where to begin… I love to laugh, I love to make other people laugh. I’m sarcastic, at least that’s what I’m told. I love music and going to shows. I appreciate fashion and art and attempt to participate in them. I’ve traveled a bit and would love to continue adding stamps to my passport.  And while I’m trying not to be a stereotype I am a 20 something trying to figure out my life, hope you’ll join me on this journey!

We’re obsessed

Project Runway season 2, mojitos, the airplane scene from Bridesmaids, cookie chips, Kleopatra Knorth, bad reality tv (think Uncle Si and Honey Boo Boo), playing dress up, and exclusive clubs.

Want to get in touch? 

Send us an email – contactakablog@gmail.com

Twitter – @AshleyKiraAnd

Find us on Pinterest – Ashley & Kira

Instagram : ashleyyroses

2 thoughts on “AKA

  1. Love it–you guys are so great! Looking forward to reading more stuff, keep the good stuff comin! Just finally got mine started, check it out if you get the chance 🙂

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