Concerts: some tips and tricks

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First off I love going to live shows. They do however require work. I’ve recently bought a lot of concert tickets so I thought I’d pass along a few tips to make buying tickets and going to shows easy and fun.

1. Look early and often: Some shows require tickets to be bought months ahead. The easiest way to know when shows are is to follow your favorite acts on Twitter, Facebook or good ol fashion email. Subscribe to your local venues email list or to sites like ticketmaster and Live Nation. Being in the know can also clue you in on discounts, pre sales, special passwords etc. All great when buying tickets.

2. Make a Budget: This pertains more to large shows. The stressful ones where you have to be ready to buy as soon as tickets are available, there’s usually seating arrangements to pick out and timers rushing you along. This process can be made way simpler by discussing a few things before hand, mainly money. It is sometimes difficult to see full price before hand especially with all the added fees. (Note that if you buy tickets in person at ticket window most fees do not apply, making the ticket cheaper!) Set a price limit with friends before you buy, this way everyone’s comfy with the price and can expect how much to spend. I will not go above X amount of dollars! Remember certain shows sell out right away, and web pages will time out. You may not always have time to text your friend ticket options, better to work out as much before hand as possible.

3. Plan ahead: Keep in mind the venue. Is it indoors or out. How will you get there? Is public trans available? Where can you park? Can you bring in food? Will you be sitting, standing, or dancing etc. All of these are important when planning for your concert. Answers to these questions will help determine what you wear, how you get there and what you bring with you.

4. Dress comfy and cute: Your outfit is important at a show for many reasons. Obviously you may just want to look nice because your in public, but more importantly a concert is an opportunity to dress up or express your love for the music through your fashion. I often try and let the venue and the artist inspire my clothes.

Inspiration first then functionality: Ask yourself “Does this outfit make sense for the event?” If I’m gonna be up dancing/standing for hours maybe the 4 inch heels should stay at home. It is often nicer when your feet are comfy and protected, crowds and toes are not always friends. I’ve also seen people lose shoes like sandals and flats in really packed crowds. Scarves are great for shows because if your in the sun it will protect you, in the cold it keeps you warm, its lightweight and it can add easy personality to your outfit.  One pieces, rompers, long dresses are all great until you have to almost completely undress and crouch in a gross tiny porta potty. If your indoors with nice bathrooms however romp it up.

5. Pack Light: Less is often more for a show  (all day festivals and things like that are a completely different story). Do you need your entire key ring? Do you need everything in your wallet? I always try and pair down to the essentials. Less to carry and less to lose. Car key (if i’m driving), debit card, ID, some cash, phone, camera (if you have it and want to take nicer pics then what your phone can provide) and chapstick/lipstick. That’s it. Usually all fits in my pockets or small purse.

6. HAVE FUN AND BE ADVENTUROUS! Concerts are a great way to blow off steam and just live it up with your favorite music. Shows are also a great way to discover new music. Maybe your friend wants to go to a show but you don’t really know the band. If you have the cash, take a chance you may discover some music you really like!