Moving Day!

Hello AKA readers,

We have some updates for you and a sneak peak at some exciting things to come with AKA Blog. First, thank you so much for your readership and support of our blog. It has been an exciting journey starting this blog and putting our thoughts out for the world to see.

As you might have read, we recently won a redesign contest! With this exciting opportunity came some changes including a switch over to Blogger. We love working on WordPress however, it was easier for us to make all of the changes necessary to our new blog design if we used Blogger. It was a hard decision to make but we decided a fresh start  with a fresh design would be best.

We really hope you continue following us! We have some great new blog series coming  including; Fashion Fridays, AKA Bookshelf, and Bring Your Pins To Life. These series will join all of our favorite topics to write about including; music, DIYs, fashion, food, travel, and much more!

Our new Blogger address is:

– A&K