Closet Clean Out

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I Love a good clean out; closets, drawers, garages… whatever it may be I love getting rid of the excess.

A couple of weeks ago my mother and I cleaned out her closet. I wanted to share the results as well as some tips to clean and organize your own space.

First you need the time and the energy to see the project through start to finish. When cleaning out a space I always manage to make a huge mess in the process, so keep that in mind as you plan your day. You don’t want to get half way through and have to leave and come back to a huge mess later.

You will also need a large clear space to start, I suggest you use your bed as a sorting station, that way all the clothes or items that come out of the closet have a place to 1 (4)

Also get two large garbage bags. One for items that can be donated and one for items that you think you can resell.

Now sort through everything! And I mean everything, my mom always tries to get away with “Oh i’ll go through that later” Trust me, there is no later. Do it all in one sitting and you will thank yourself later.

When sorting keep in mind how often you wear or use the items. Do they fit? Are they in style? Are they functional, practical? My mom had a lot of great stuff in her closet but if she never wears it and it is shoved in the back it’s not doing her any good. Better to have less items that you actually wear than a closet full of things you don’t.

Once you are through the sorting process begin to put things back in a way that is functional for you. Not everyone’s closet should look the same.

Again I like to set aside two bags; one to donate to places like Goodwill and another one of higher quality more current items to try and resell at Buffalo Exchange or any other resale shop of your choosing.

Good luck and enjoy your beautiful new closet!

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The Bonus of cleaning out my mom’s closet was all of the great finds. Above is a beautiful old clutch she gave to me and my great grandmothers shoes.


Let’s get organized, organized!

Ashley, Kira, and decorating.

In my head, the title of this post is inspired by this fabulous 80’s song! I was recently catching up on one of my all-time favorite blogs, the wonderful Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere, and was totally inspired by her closet organization post from a few months back. I think that changing things up every few months, especially with the switch of the seasons, can be great for anyone.

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On my dresser I keep everything that I need on a daily basis and some fun little extras.

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I got these fun chevron printed bracelet and necklace holders at Z Gallerie about a year ago. To be honest they are actually a bowl and plate! I think looking out for your favorite patterns and colors should be your top priority next to functionality. It makes a huge difference when grabbing for your favorite bangle or necklace.

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Okay, I need to be honest – I just recently fell in love with rings. I have always had a lot, but because they were in a little box I never grabbed one in the morning. Since I got this fun ring and earring holder at Target my life has changed. It makes picking something super easy, and since they are right in front of you all the time it is easy to remember what you have- especially if you have been on a ring buying binge like me! Find whatever ring/earring holder works the best for you – in college my best friend, Amy, put her rings on the ears of a wooden giraffe sculpture she had!

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Perfume bottles are so pretty you want to make sure they are a focal point of your dresser. Don’t have them in the back of your cabinet collecting dust. This way it also makes it easier for you to switch it up in the mornings depending on your mood.


Lastly, make sure you bring in as much of you as you can! It’s YOUR room! Include pictures of family and friends, quotes and momentum’s from travels, candles, and what ever is inspiring you at the moment!

Happy organizing!