Drugstore Dandies

Great products at great prices!

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We all love saving money, right, I mean I do. And we like looking good right? So I think its important to find great products that won’t break the bank. So here is a list (in no particular order) of some of my favorite drugstore finds. All are available at stores like Target or Walgreen’s and priced around $5.

1. Vaseline aloe fresh spf 15 : This lotion is not too heavy, plus it has spf to protect your skin.

2. Clear Total Care Conditioner : Leaves my hair soft and nourished, usually leave it on for a few minutes and no tangles when I brush my hair out.

3. Maybelline Clean Express : I bought this because my usual makeup remover was out of stock, and now it’s my new makeup remover. It is super gentle but effective. The first time I used it I accidentally wiped it all over my eye and it didn’t hurt at all! Not so with other products.

4. Aussie anti-frizz cream : My hair is really thick and almost curly. It can’t quite make up its mind so it very easily becomes a frizzy mess.  This product however keeps it somewhat tame. Works best on damp hair, so that by the time your hair dries it tames the frizz and keeps your style.

5. Maybelline Great Lash mascara : The oldest greatest mascara. I’ve bought others and this is still the everyday champ. It also comes in a ton of varieties now.

6. Yes to Tomatoes acne repairing lotion : Just started using this product this year and so far so happy. Great products, all natural, cruelty free so good skin and good karma.

7. Neutrogena makeup remover cleaninsing towelettes : Started using these within the last month and they are so handy. Especially after a long night when you just wanna come home, wipe off all your makeup and hit the hay. No water or anything else needed. I can’t wait to take them travelling, I think they would be a great addition to any suitcase.

Also everything on this list smells great!


Make up Hack!

For those of you that use powder foundation, blush or shadow you know the frustration of seeing that you have product left and not being able to get to it.  This hack however will allow you to get to everything, needing only a quarter and a little leverage.

Take your product and with your container sealed tight turn it over. Most plastic powders have a ridge in the bottom. Place the quarter in said ridge and pop out the bottom. Easy as pie and will allow you to use all your product!

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Clean Sweep

We wash our hands, we wash our clothes and we wash countless other items but we may be forgetting to wash our makeup brushes.

So from me to you, here’s a reminder to do so!

To clean my makeup brushes I use Bare Essentials brush conditioning shampoo. You can also use other drug store versions or any other mild soap or shampoo of your choice. I’d suggest you’d go with a gel like soap or shampoo for best cleaning results.  The rest is pretty easy!

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  1. wet brush, room temp water is best
  2. use just a drop of brush cleaner and work the product through the brush
  3. rinse brush until water runs clear (here’s where you’ll see all the left behind gunk)
  4. squeeze out excess water and re-shape brush so that it dries correctly
  5. lay brush out on a towel and let air dry, only use brush when it is completely dry!

It only takes a few minutes and its worth it! Cleaning can help your brushes last longer and help prevent your skin from breaking out. They will also feel great on your skin!

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