Thanksgiving Crafts

I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving!

For me, Thanksgiving always marks the end of fall and the beginning of the holiday season. However, for some people (and retailers) it seems like Thanksgiving isn’t even a holiday anymore. I went to the store recently to get some decorations and they didn’t even have any!

This year is my first year hosting Thanksgiving for my family! I am so excited to see family, have some delicious drinks, and eat until we all fall asleep! I have decided on a rustic theme for my decorations and I have used Pinterest to come up with some ideas.


A festive candle.


Perfect for a mantle


Gorgeous wreath.


You can never have too much glitter!


This would look great in a window.

Let me know how your crafts turn out – and have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


Fall in love with Fall




Oh, October! There is such a different pace to the fall. People are finally relaxing after the hectic summer months, school is back in session, and pumpkins are everywhere. I love looking forward to new activities, colors, and smells (isn’t the fall smell amazing?!) I thought I would put together a little list of some things I am really looking forward to this season and I hope it will inspire you as well.

1. Go to a pumpkin patch. There are some great pumpkin patches in the Bay Area, especially in Marin and Half Moon Bay. It makes for a perfect Sunday activity with friends – and a great place to take pictures! If you live in the Bay Area check out these pumpkin patches for some all day fun.

2. Drink lots of apple cider. My aunt makes it with cloves and cinnamon and lets it sit in the pot all day – delish!

3. Wear big sweaters and boots. Nothing says fall like a comfy sweater and your favorite pair of worn in boots. I’m currently obsessing over this sweater and these boots.

4. On a rainy night, stay in with friends. A rainy night is the perfect time to have some free fun with friends; pick out a great movie, do a puzzle, or host a game night.

5. Perfect a soup. I love to cook and I love the flavors of fall, one of my biggest goals is to make a go-to soup for the season.

6. Take after dinner walks. Meet up with some friends and catch up on your day, bring your dogs along for some extra fun.

7. Go to a college football game. I’m really looking forward to November 2nd when my alma mater, University of Arizona plays against Cal! Bear Down Wildcats!

8. Become obsessed with a new show. Say it with me – fall tv!

9. Plan a great halloween costume. I already have mine all planned out, but you will have to wait to see.

10. Do something crafty with leaves. Very Pinterest stereotypical, but a nice calming activity of a Sunday afternoon.