Last Minute Halloween DIY

Happy Halloween! A great holiday filled with candy, pumpkins, scares, and best of all costumes! Now if anyone knows us they know that we LOVE to dress up. We both had dress up boxes in college and endless ideas for friends! So if it is 7pm and some friends decide to go out and you don’t have a costume – don’t freak out! Here are some fun (and easy) ideas!

Grandma or Grandpa – throw on your comfiest pjs, some glasses, and slippers! Put a little baby power in your hair and have fun! Bonus points if you can find a cane or walker!

A bottle of wine – Ashley’s fun costume from last year! Wear whatever you want as clothes, make a label for yourself from an old tee-shirt (cut of the top part from just under the arm holes so you can easily slide your new label on), tie a cork to a headband and there you have it!

Ballet dancer – have leggings and pink? Then you can dress up as a ballet dancer. Throw your hair up in a bun, wear the leggings and a light pink top and put a ribbon in your hair.

Ballpark concession worker – got a neon shirt? Pair it with a black pants and make a sign selling hotdogs or cotton candy!

Chef/Waiter – if you have black and white it is easy to dress as a waiter or chef. Pair it with a utensil or note pad.

A florist – wear something springy, get a bouquet of flowers and pass them out during the night (this can work for a flower child as well!)

Lumberjack – pair your plaid shirt with jeans and boots. If you can craft an axe that would even better!

Athlete/Cheerleader – easy to do if you have a friend that was a high school athlete or cheerleader!

Frat guy/ Sorority girl – pair a college tee with a paddle with greek letters

Pirate – stripes and a bandanna are the way to go! Super comfy with boots and either jeans or a skirt.

Dead anything – with the right makeup you can be a dead person for the night!

Today we dressed up for a fun local Halloween parade! We threw together these costumes last minute!

photo 1 (2) photo 3 (2)photo 2 (2)

photo 4 (3)

Kira’s adorable ring master costume can be pulled off with a red jacket, white shirt, and pants. She made her top hat with cardboard and a headband! Pair it with some fun elephant or lion jewelry and even a stuffed lion!

photo 2 (1)photo 5photo 4 (2)

Ashley’s gypsy costume is one that anyone can do! A long skirt, intense makeup, scarves, and gold jewelry is the way to go!

Happy trick or treating!