Drink it up!


When you first turn 21 going to a bar can be both exciting and a little daunting. What do I order? How do I order? What are some good drinks? Well here is a go-to guide for drinking out at bars and restaurants!

Dive Bar

When you go to your local dive bar think of a couple simple drinks to make your signature. Most of the time a spirt (like Vodka, Gin, or Rum) mixed with soda, juice, or tonic water is the way to go. Our go to favorites include gin and tonic, rum and coke, rum and ginger ale, and vodka cranberry. When ordering, the bartender might ask you what type of alcohol you want (top shelf, well, or a specific brand). We always go with well, it is the cheapest, but still tastes just as good. Additionally, a beer is always a good way to go at your local bar, see if they have any local brews on tap.

Swanky Evening 

If you are headed to a nicer bar with friends for a special occasion it is nice to have a go-to special drink. Ashley’s go to drink is a cosmopolitan, while Kira’s is a mojito. If you are at a nicer bar many bartenders can create you a special drink.  Just tell them your favorite liquor or taste. Kira likes rum and ginger, or some thing fresh or springy (think basil, mint, cucumber). These simple suggestions can lead a great bartender to a make you a great drink.

Restaurant Drinking 

If you are going to a restaurant first check if there is happy hour. See if they have any specials, sometimes certain restaurants will offer 1/2 off a glass of wine on certain days, or pitcher specials. It is always good to ask about specials as many waiters will not always bring it up. Lastly, think about the restaurant and what their specialty is, at an Italian restaurant they will have great wine, when you’re at pub probably some great beer, many restaurants will also have seasonal cocktails you can take advantage of. Keep in mind what you are eating at the restaurant as well as you’ll want to pair your drink.


A night out at District in Oakland


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