It’s a challenge


During the summer months it is easy to get out of a routine – even when you work full time. Lazy summer dinners with friends turn into long nights of bar hoping, and sooner then you know it you have to be up the next morning. After hitting snooze a couple of times you finally manage to get out of bed, with just enough time to grab a cup of iced coffee and run out the door. I realized in the beginning of fall that I really wanted to get back into a healthy routine, mostly of going to the gym and eating better. I also realized that I love a good challenge, so in September I did a full on cleanse. After Kira, some friends, and I went up to a cabin over labor day (a long weekend of lounging around and many cookie chips!) I came to the conclusion that it was the perfect time to get back into a routine!

I started off by planning out meals for each week, including snacks, so I would eat a small meal about every 3 hours to keep my metabolism up. I also made a plan to only each fruits, veggies, lean protein, and limited complex carbs (i.e. brown rice, corn tortillas, oats) and to drink lots of water. I also included some multivitamins, fiber pills, and protein shakes. Along with eating healthy, I also made a plan with a friend to go to the gym early in the mornings to start our day. Let me tell you – I am definitely back on a routine! Set yourself a small goal (mine was 24 days) in which you will accomplish something. It makes the ending point attainable and less scary.

Kardashian Squat Challenge

For the month of October I am doing the “Kardashian Squat Challenge”! I’m not really positive if the Kardashians made it up, but I saw Khloe post it on Instagram, so that’s where I got the idea! I like that it is only 30 days, so by Halloween I will hopefully see a difference, or at least feel a difference!

If anyone has a good tip for a fun workout challenge for the month of November – I’m all ears!!!


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